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Service ownership

Service ownership #

TLDR: All services running in our environments have registered ownership
Rationale: In a diverse software landscape it is essential everyone knows who is responsible for maintaince and support

Background #

In any governance system, risks are managed by controls. But humans are ultimately responsible.In this context there are many reasons to keep a register of service ownership in diverse software landscapes:

  • Knowlege: Who knows how this is supposed to work? How can I get help with this system?
  • Incident: Alerts are firing for a service, who do I contact? What has changed lately?
  • Audit: who is reponsible that the SDLC is followed for this service?
Change Records

How we implement this control #

At this stage, as we have a relatively simple system and a single tech team, simply recording the services in Kosli’s environment monitoring meets this need.

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